Scratch Map - Thailand


Good Weather

map size : 30 x 40 cm
weight : 134 g
material : paper

free equipment : scratch pen

Make every adventure more meaningful with Scratch Map. After you’ve visited a place, you can reward yourself by scratching off the gold foil layer covering that location on the Scratch Map! Underneath you’ll find beautifully vibrant colors and details. You’ll soon find yourself coming up with reasons to go on holiday, racing to reveal all the Scratch Map treasures. Packaged in a super high quality matte finish tube, Scratch Maps are the ultimate way to keep track of your travels and give a truly thoughtful gift to a traveler or even dreamer who always has his next trip in mind.

Let's explore things to do,places to go and must try foods and desserts in Thailand with our unique Thailand Scratch Map, Original Design by Good Weather

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