Lords of Life : A History of the Kings of Thailand


River Books

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หน้า : 500 หน้า
ขนาด : 175 x 245 x 25 มม.
น้ำหนัก : 945 กรัม
ISBN : 9786167339351
ภาษา : อังกฤษ

ผู้เขียน : Prince Chula Chakrabongse

The history of the Chakri dynasty, rulers of Siam until the change of regime in 1932, written by HRH Prince Chula Chakrabongse of Thailand.

Prince Chula Chakrabongse of Thailand was born in Bangkok in 1908. After the death of his father, Prince Chakrabongse, in 1920, he was sent to be educated in the United Kingdom where he attended Harrow School and later read history at Cambridge. However, it was his childhood in the Grand Palace and his close relationship with the Thai royal family and government in the early 20th century, that made him uniquely suitable for writing the history of the Chakri dynasty, who ruled Siam (subsequently known as Thailand) until the change of regime in 1932. During Prince Chula's research, he had access to unpublished royal letters, archives and documents of all kinds and, as a grandson of King Chulalongkorn, had personal knowledge of many of the leading figures in his story. Although interpretations of the early period of Thai history may have moved on, the core part of the book remains valid and fascinating. It is appropriate that 50 years after Prince Chula's death, Lords of Life - A History of the Kings of Thailand has been reissued. In this completely revised edition, the text remains the same but there are over 250 new photographs and a wealth of footnotes, together with a new introduction by B. J. Terwiel, a renowned historian of Thailand's political history.

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