[Random] Hayak and Friends Figure Blind Box



Brand : Hayak

Figure Size : 2 x 4 cm.
Weight : 1 g.
Material : Resin

Mystery Box 12 Designs + 1 Secret Drop
Model : Hayak | Joom Pook (Stone Crocodile) | Dudan (Newbie Stone Giant) | Yukyik (Stone Lion)
Color : Gray | Transparent Yellow | Transparent Red

Yak is the Guardian of the place in Thais’ belief. It is normally at the entrance to protect the place from evils.

Hayak is a little chubby baby Thai “Yak”. He is practicing to protect the place starting from the small one like a desk.

He has a big warm heart and also a big bright smile. Hayak has Thai traditional pattern with his eyes and his smile while the colorful body is from mural’s fraction in the temple.

Hayak is a symbol of happiness and protection. He will send the happiness to everyone with his smile.

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