Thai Flower Earrings




Kankrao Champee Tiny Champa + Crown Flower Tiny Champee + Crown Flower Tiny Champa + Bead Tiny Champee + Bead Lanthom Double Purple Banmairuroi Pink Banmairuroi Purple Banmairuroi + Crown Flower Pink Pear + Bead Up Pink Pear + Bead Down White Pear + Bead Up White Pear + Bead Down Old Rose + Tassels Pink Rose + Tassels Red Malai Pink Malai White Malai + Red Rose White Malai + Pink Rose

Brand : Monchampas

Size : 5 - 7.5 cm. (Approx.)
Weight : 10 g.
Materials : Clay / Rhodium / Silver

"Monchampas" Enchanted Thai flower clay earrings.
Inherit Thainess in form of Thai flower clay earrings
The charming of Thai beauty through enchanting of Thai flowers.
Created by Thai designer with passion about Thai flowers.
All handmade in Thailand by Thai craftmanship with high quality Thai-Japanese clay, Rhodium, and 92.5% silver hook.

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