Thai Object Pin


Araya Thailand


Hanuman Thai Folk Dancer Thai Garland Khaen Chalom Bangkaew Khanom Sai Sai Chula Kite Kra Tip Ground-Crab-Fish Game Phi Ta Khon Tuk Tuk Thai Giant

Size :  3 x 3 cm. (approx.)
Weight : 14 g.
Material : Metal + Enamel colors

A R A Y A brand, we are passionate about the Thai identity in every aspect: way of life, culture, the charm of ceramics, weaving, Thai food and desserts that are famous all over the world, and so on or even utensils that have been used since ancient times until the present. Our design and storytelling is based on this identity to reflect the Thai way of life, its charm, and to turn them into souvenirs for foreign tourists who love and are fascinated by all things Thai, so they can keep these items as mementos and pass on the happiness and fond memories of Thailand, Thai people, and Thai products.

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