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Na Samred Yantra Namo Buddhaya Yantra
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Na Samred Yantra Ballpoint Pen
Size : 1.2 x 14.3 cm.
Weight : 14 g.
Color : White
Type : Blue Ink 0.7 mm.

Ballpoint Pen of Nasamred Yantra, the virtue of the Buddha on fortune and success, enhance loving-kindness, richness, business and trade, makes everything successful in every aspects, directly helps work and fortune. Below the Yant, there is a character of "Namo Buddhaya", which represents the power of five elements with the lucky numbers of 64 for financial enhancement, and 78 for abundant wealth.

Namo Buddhaya Yantra Ballpoint Pen
Size : 1 x 13.2 cm.
Weight : 14 g.
Color : Black
Type : Blue Ink 0.7 mm.

Namo Buddhaya Gel Pen the beginning of magical characters that are filled with great holy power that prevent dangers, create charm, and are widely popular

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