Lalen Magnetic Bookmark




Thai Durian Phra Aphai Mani Thai Cats Thai Vehicles Tha Tian Giants

Brand : Lalen

Product Size : 2 x 4.8 cm.
Package Size : 11.5 x 15 cm.

Weight : 3 g./pc.
Pieces : 4 pcs./set
Material : Rubber Magnet

Magnetic bookmarks featuring Thai stories presented by the Lalen brand are available in five designs: 

Durian Set
Durian  |  Durian Chip  |  Khao Niao Turian  |  Durian Paste

Thai Cat Set
Suphalak Cat  |  Korat Cat  |  Khao Manee Cat  |  Siamese Cat

Phra Aphai Mani Set
Phra Aphai Mani  |  Nang Phisuea Samut  |  Nang Nguak  |  Sudsakorn

Thai Public Transport Set
Motorcycle Taxi  |  Thai Bus  |  Tuk Tuk  |  Thai Taxi

Tha Legend of  Tha Tian Set
Phraya Sang Artit  |  Maiyararp  |  Tossakan  |  Sahassadeja

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